Everglades City Rework

lowered saturation

Summer in the Big Cypress Florida Bay

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lumix G9

Hey Steve! This is a really cool shot of a place that I’ve only flown over. Definitely need to get down there more. Love the composition and the reflection of the trees in the water. Midday photos aren’t easy so give yourself a pat on the back. The only thing I’d critique is that the greens, yellows, and orange tones are a little over saturated. Might want to dial those down, but otherwise it’s a solid shot!

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Great pano, Steve. I agree the colors could be toned down from a saturation perspective. The pano comp works quite well.

Thanks @David_Bostock , @David_Johnston
I lowered the saturation
On my monitor, it looks very dull.
Time to recalibrate my monitors.

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Recalibration is key sometimes! Keep at it Steve you have real talent!

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Lovely composition! Maybe halfway in between the two in saturation. You can get more subtle changes with Selective Color, but the monitor (and room lighting and color environment) and your color perception will be important.

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