Eye make-up

This hole in the ice caught my attention. When I put on the polarizer, the birefringent colors showed up due to the thinness of the ice adding some “make-up” to the eye. (7D2, 180mm macro, 1/8 s, f/16, iso 400, tripod, polarizer, cable release, mirror lock-up and cable release)


What an amazing image, Mark. I just love the colors in the ice. So much to love about this image, the lines, that hole, the texture, I just keep looking around and enjoying it. I wonder if it was rotated around to horizonal, one way or the other, if it would change the dynamic of this beautiful image even more. Maybe you tried that already. Not going to be easy to improve on it, that is for sure.

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Mark:WELL SEEN!!! And superbly captured. Great job to explore the effects of the polarizer. Most excellent. >=))>

Wow!! I didn’t know ice would do that! Gorgeous arrangement of very interesting elements!

Impressive icestract.

Yet another impressive ice abstract. Definitely looking like an animal face, kinda like a bison or something.

Shirley, I hadn’t thought to rotate this shot, but gave it a try. Rotated and flipped so the edge is up is interesting, but I’m invested in seeing some creature’s head as seen vertically, so even though the rotated version shows up much larger on the screen, I prefer this view. PS. It’s well know that when we humans view images the larger the size, the better we like it. That means that when we view images on our computer’s, vertical views need to be much more dramatic to get the same amount of attention.

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Mark, I knew it would really be hard to improve this shot. Excellent.