Face Off

Was kidding around with the magnification of this green lynx spider, and this one was a little more colorful than the couple of others around.
6DII, 70-200, ext, Raynox at F29, Flash with diffuser,.

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome

Technical Details


Balan, this is a fine “in the face” look at this guy. Lighting was managed very well. Nice catchlight in his eyes. I like the position of his legs out of the way where his face is nicely in view. If I was do do anything to this image, and it is really minor, it is to clone out that one partial white hair or what ever it is at the top this is disjointed from the leg or anything else. Great shot.

Wow super! You got right on it’s face. Excellent details and pose. I like the angle. In addition to the hair Shirley pointed out, I’d clone the one on the far left edge, too. I don’t think we have lynx spiders up this way, but I wish we did!

Balan: A face not even a mom might love but a great shot nonetheless. Marvelous technique and a superb result. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Palps to die for. Super shot, Balan!