Fall colors and Blowing snow

On a fine, late fall day, my wife and I decided to go driving through the Shield Valley and the Bridger Mountains. During the hour that it took to get deep into the Shields valley, clouds started piling up on the western horizon and the wind stated to kick up. As we approached the Bridger’s from the east, the winds on the highest peaks were kicking up snow as the valley remained sunlit. We pulled over and I tried a couple of shots to see about capturing the blowing snow and the late fall colors. The sun was clouded over about 15 minutes after I took this.

5D3, 100-400 IS II @ 112 mm, 1/200 s, f/13, iso 200, tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Mark, this is a really nice rural mountain scene. Great depth to the image and the warm and cooler tones work well.

Mark, thanks for sharing! It is nice to see such a beautiful scene from my favorite area in Montana outside of Glacier Park.

Very nice view of the valley, Mark. I like the contrast of the sunlit valley with the dark, unlit hills. It would be cool if the blowing snow were more prominent, but I have no idea how you could have accomplished that-maybe zooming in and doing a vertical to get just a slice?

Mark: Makes me want to be there! Marvelous capture of a fine moment.>=))>

Mark, this is very nice. Love the snow blowing up, just really adds to an already nice scene.