Firehole River sunset

I met Bill Fach and Phil Hodgkins in Yellowstone Tuesday afternoon to say hello and for some late afternoon shooting. We managed to catch White Dome Geyser spouting, explored the Firehole Lake area and then moved to Grand Prismatic. This view is along the Firehole river downstream from the parking lot.

(5D3, 24-105 F4 IS II @ 42mm, 1/5 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod)

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Jealous that you are in Yellowstone right now, Mark. This is such a gorgeous scene and the light in the background is beautiful. My only nit is that I think it’s a little too tight at the bottom. But you have processed this very well. The sense of place is just right.

PS. Any bears yet?

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This is simply gorgeous Mark, and it makes me fondly recall trips to Yellowstone. You have succeeded in capturing the essence of this special place. I like your darker processing of the land, it makes that billowing cloud pop even more. Your processing of colors in the sky and water look right on the money to me, subtle but beautiful. Yeah, there is some negative space in the ULC, but short of taking a vertical you had to do this. And I think a horizontal does a much stronger job of communicating wide open spaces, which fits better with the story of this image. Nicely done, I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s great as presented.

Hey Mark, glad y’all were able to get together out there. This is a gorgeous spot, perfect place for a canoe. I’m in agreement with Adhika about more space at the bottom. I think that, if zoomed out a little, it would also give that beautiful thunder head some space as well. The sky is beautiful, and the low key exposure on the land and water is a fine counterpart. I’d be happy to have taken an image like this.

The Firehole is one of my favorite rivers. Fished it lots over the years, but truthfully I often regretted having a fly rod in my hands rather than a camera. You’ve done it a great service with this shot, due in no small part to your comp and the luminous clouds.

I have to disagree with the others on the bottom, though. For someone whose frame of reference includes donning waders and venturing into the water, that tight crop to the water and sedges at the bottom reads like a calling to step out into the water. Add a few dimpling trout to the mirrored surface, and my toes would be itching to slip into the water right at that point. It’s more “intimate” in that regard, compared to a complete break from the water with more of the shore in view.

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Oh wow, this is just spectacular, Mark! I could see this in a calendar, or printed and hung on a wall. A beautiful scene, with lovely clouds and reflections. Colors are great. Perfect!

Beautiful! Such a peaceful and serene scene, too. You nailed this one. Just lovely.

Beautiful. Well seen and expertly processed.

Mark, this is a fine looking scene and a sunset that needed to be shared. No nits, simply beautiful!

Simply beautiful Mark! The first thing that came to mind was wishing I was reclining in a camp chair - Just like you’re doing in your avatar picture! :grinning:

This image just evokes tranquility. Wish I was there right now.

If I had one small wish, that would be to extend the bottom of the frame to be able to have something solid between the water and reeds and the edge of the frame. But that’s getting pretty picky.


This is an interesting thought that I would consider before making the expected addition to the bottom.

Mark: I recognized this from the thumbnail! Meeting you and Phil was wonderful and I’m glad you got such a superior image of that evening. We’ve been back almost a week but work has hammered me with a vengeance and I haven’t even looked carefully at most of my shots. Thanks for sharing your local knowledge and congrats on a fine EP. >=))>