First Tide at Second Beach

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Took shots for over an hour and liked this the best.

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OK I’ll jump in – image looks too grey, but this may be a stylistic choice.

Agree. Traveling right now so no chance to redo until 3-4 weeks.

Louis, I like the composition, with the moving water leading back to the main seastack. I do agree that more contrast is likely to be good. Also, there’s strong brightness in the sky through the trees on top of the seastack.

A very lovely scene! A bit more contrast brings it to life!

Thanks. Did you add contrast?

Yes, but not using a contrast slider. I don’t know what software you use, but I opened it in Photoshop and went to the Camera Raw filter, to approximate what you probably used for a raw converter (assuming it was shot as a raw file). I looked at the histogram, which I already knew was bunched up in the middle with very little dark or light tones present. I pulled the Blacks slider left until the histogram covered more dark tones, and pulled the Whites slider to the right to fill the right area of the histogram. But I decided how much by looking at the image – you can’t adjust a histogram by the numbers. It’s just a guide to help overcome what the eyes may have adjusted to incorrectly.

Wow, thanks. This was shot many years ago and I have no recollection of what I did. Must go back to the RAW and start over since many new versions have come out since this was worked on in C1.