Fly Fishing in the Mist

This is the first posting for me in this new NPN venue. I am testing the waters, no pun intended.

Questions: do we still put our camera info? On the old site I would have put this in a totally different Gallery for critique so I hope this is okay.

I recently won the weekly pick for this image on Maine Caught on Camera so I am wondering how this venue feels about this image as well. I do miss the feedback that I could expect from the other site. Very interested in feedback. Thank you

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I’ll address your questions:

Of course you can still put in your camera info. It was never asked for in the old site, people just did it. You can still put it in here as well.

You could have placed this in the Landscape Critique and tagged it with type_human_element. You’re probably thinking of the old Man & Nature gallery?

I don’t understand your statement about “I do miss the feedback that I could expect from the other site”. If you post your image here in one of the Critique forums you are asking for input and critique. If you place your image in one of the Gallery forums you are sharing your image and are not seeking critique.

Your image: A very pleasant scene with the mist / fog. The two fisherman add to the scene. I do wish they were not so close to the edge of the frame. The one in front also merges with the rock behind him and makes it harder to see him. Both lower corners have rounded rocks intruding into the frame that draw me away.

Hi Norma

I like this photo. Fog and mist generally add a nice element to a picture and this is no exception. You might want to open up the shadows just a bit and, if in Lightroom, put a radial filter on each of those fisherman, and sparingly use de haze so they are a little more featured and less obscured by the mist You might have to make some other adjustments once you use dehaze, perhaps tweaking the white or shadows a bit.

Norma, we’re all new here, so it’s sort of a collective learning process for all. If you have procedural questions, I found it worthwhile to watch the how to video, which is quite nice for us to get used to the interface. It’s not that easy to find at first, but it’s in Site Discussions - Site Tips. If you can’t find it just do a search for “how to video.” It covers most all the questions I’ve had so far.

Your image has a lot going for it, especially the mist and the roil of the whitewater along the rocky river, so as to be almost audible. The bits of greenery and partial backlighting adds a lot of drama to the scene. As was mentioned, the two rocks at the corners are strange, almost like those corner mounts that we used to sell at the camera shop. Also, there are six branches vertically stacked right on the left edge at mid-height. I think I would eliminate a couple of those.

Congratulations on your weekly pick on Maine Caught on Camera. It’s very deserving. It looks like the fishermen are still wading into position. Those white objects behind them must be their landing nets, I’m assuming.

You’ve received some good suggestions. I agree that raising the shadow on the trees in the left would be good while adding some contrast to them as well. It would be nice if the luminous branches on the left were a bit more prominent. I wouldn’t remove them because they do provide light to that area but they seem incidental. I might also crop to above the protruding branch to make an image where the people are a bit larger. The fishermen could stand out a bit more. I like Kathy’s suggestion.

Really cool scene! with all the elements I would want: Action, mist and incredibly scenic.

Like others have said, I think cropping is your friend here and would be curious to see as tight as 1x1, but likely 4x5 would work best; cropping both up slightly (above the corner rocks) and crop down significantly (and even thou the mist is super cool floating off the river) I think you can come down just on top of the first set of branches and still retain the story and feel for this image.