Flying Elegance

Last week I spent in Fuerteventura (a Spanish island, in the Atlantic relatively close to NW Africa), especially for species of the semi-desert (more later). A big and rather unexpected bonus was a Red-billed Tropicbird that I got to see and frame in several ways, this image the most classic one - showing the bird it all its beauty and uniqueness …

Type of Critique Requested

  • Aesthetic: Feedback on the overall visual appeal of the image, including its color, lighting, cropping, and composition.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Any - I could have made the image a bit lighter, but like the details as it is now

Technical Details

Nikon Z9 with 500m f4 | 1/2500s | f8 | ISO125 | underexposed 1 2/3 EV | handheld


Wow, Hans! What a beautiful, graceful bird. Love how the tail feathers float behind. From my computer, with my eyes, the detail in the bird is perfect. I do wish I could see his eye a bit better but between the blue sky and the bird, I say nice shot!

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Sweet, Hans. I’ve never even heard of this species or the island. Sounds like a really cool place. You did get a classic image and portrayed this bird beautifully.

Classic indeed! Beautiful colours and detail.

Excellent capture Hans. Detail is superb and perfect lighting. Well done.

So elegant and beautiful. I love the curvy lines from its head to its tail. The curve really complements the notion of flying.

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Love the swooping flying pose and the detail is excellent. Great capture.

Sensational image, Hans. A beautiful bird. This is quite nice, and your visual representation is perfect. Well done.

What a beautiful capture Hans and elegance is the perfect word to describe. Glad I happened upon your shot because it brought back some memories. Back in August of 2016 I was camping in Stonington, Maine and had an opportunity to take a boat trip to a small island in the Gulf of Maine to see a rare visitor who had been “summering” in that area for a few years already. He always made the news during his yearly visits due to the fact that he was far from his normal environment. All the local seabirds put up quite a fuss when he was around, probably because he didn’t belong there. My aerial shots were nowhere as good as yours (Sony a6000 at the time), but I did manage to get some decent shots of him in the water. Besides the tropic bird, we saw plenty of seals and puffins in the same location, which just added to the overall pleasure of the visit.

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Thanks all for your encouraging comments, and @Jim_Lockhart : I can imagine all the birders going berserk with the species around :wink: … I did the same !