Foggy Morning Early Spring

April is indeed the cruelest month, at least where I live. April is that in-between time of year when the snow is gone, but it’s not really spring yet either. Terms like stick season and mud season apply to April in New England. It will be another 2 to 3 weeks before the trees start to look like this, but I thought I would post this one from last year, since I can’t wait for spring to start.

This tree is on the edge of a pond, and the cool weather that morning produced a lot of fog. I really liked how this tree almost seemed to disappear into the mist and fog. I added a slight Orton Effect to enhance the soft feeling of this foggy morning…

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I would appreciate any comments and critique

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I like this a lot. I am a sucker for hazy conditions and this is right up that alley. Great mood, nice and dreamy.

I am with Harley here, Ed. The subtle light coming through the top of the image is just beautiful. No nits at all.

Wonderful Ed - right up my alley as well. Love how you’ve pretty much filled the frame with the nice patterns of the tree branches and of course the foggy mist does the rest. Looks to me like the upper reaches are getting a bit more light - at least it looks that way to me.

No suggestions really. I suppose an even tighter crop, but nah, this works wonderfully as captured, processed and presented.


@Harley_Goldman @Lon_Overacker @Adhika_Lie thank you for your comments gentlemen, I’m glad that you enjoyed viewing the image.

Lon, I appreciate your comments on the tight crop. I though that pushing in tight like this made the tree appear to be one with the fog, an illusion that would be spoiled by showing the whole tree. In processing the image I did consider cropping in even tighter, but decided I wanted to keep the small open spaces of fog at the bottom. I thought this created a cool/warm color contrast with the top of the tree which was receiving more warm light as the fog started to lift.

Really like this one. Despite the mist, the colour and details are evident. Can’t see anyway that I would change this.

Thank you Kah Kit, i’m glad you enjoyed this image, and thanks for taking the time to comment.