Forest fantasy

An experiment with color and contrast

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I looked at this for a bit and find it an interesting experiment. There are lighter objects throughout that are homogeneous in tonal value. Initially I thought it was odd but it is so pervasive that now I see it as being artistic. The tree speaks for itself. It’s very expressive. The arrangement of lines packs a lot of emotion. In fact, the color spectrum together with the shapes of trees and branches is very consistent. I can see where you are going with this. It’s actually a marvelous image. It’s different and takes time to explore and understand. The only thing that still gets me a bit is the brighter leaf that has no detail and is in front of the main trunk (high and center). It looks as though there is part of the tree missing. I would prefer to have outline of the trunk not be broken. I think you experiment was a success.

Igor, By analyzing my images in your special way, I think you know by now, that you are helping me a lot ! Thank you so much. And for your time!

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I very much like this image Ben. The high key white/blue background makes me want to immerse myself in this image. What’s Beyond? The remaining warm fall colors mixed with the bluish white background provide a great color contrast. The main tree, while gnarly and busy, has beautiful lines and is a tremendous subject. There is one very dark branch in the URC peaking in from the side of the frame and exiting out the top. I would either crop or clone that one branch out and a very minor nit is the small branch in the LRC at an angle that could easily be cloned out. I think this is everything you wanted it to be and it’s an experiment that went right. I love it.

Ben i like the character of this tree, the flow of it’s shape is very dynamic. I also find the mix of subtle autumn and winter colors to be very appealing as well. i think this image works very nicely

it’s a bit of a nitpick, but I agree with David on these suggestions, they would help keep attention on the wonderful subject tree.

You always seem to be able to find trees that are loaded with character and this one is no exception. I love the way the limbs reach out across the frame as if trying to reach something unseen outside of the frame. My only suggestions would mirror those already mentioned. Way to think outside the box!

@Igor_Doncov , @David_Haynes , @Ed_Lowe , @Ed_McGuirk ,Thank you all for your comments ! I made a rework based on the remarks of David. For the branch in the URC I used frequency separation and I cloned out the small branch in the LRC. Overall I still have to get more sure about my work.

A lovely tree that I think would be a great subject in fog. For me, the flattening of the lighter tonal areas to gray just isn’t working.

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@Diane_Miller . Thank you Diane for your opinion. It’s good to see there is difference in taste.about images.

I should have said, I think the idea is good and worth trying, but it isn’t quite where I feel it could be. I think lowering contrast is always difficult. Are there fog filters that might be worth trying? Also, I think any such effect is better in the trees, looking more like fog, but the same effect in the leaves doesn’t fit for me. Not that I think it should look like fog, but for me the leaves need one amount of the treatment, the tree bark maybe a little more, and the BG the most.

I think you are onto a good idea and hope to see it develop!

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