Four Leaf Clover Flower

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5dMkIII, f 4, 1/2000, iso 12500, Canon 180mm macro lens. Focus on center of very small flower.

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John Wayne, I like the selective focus on this tiny little flower. I guess I have never seen a Four Leaf Clover Flower before. I can image that it is tiny. I like the side lighting, give the rest of the bloom some texture. Nicely seen and captured.

John Wayne, this is a good look at this colorful flower, with some of the center parts nicely sharp. I’m not sure if you have the space, but I could see moving the flower slightly up and to the right ion the frame.

John Wayne: Ditto what Shirley said. I especially like the lighting and your DOF/POF choice. Well done. >=))>

Thanks to all, have been watching this tiny clover flower for some time . Took some shots of it while trying to do more justice to the bloom.

I like the selective focus, but agree with Mark about moving it slightly to right to have some space in front of it. But I still like it. Never seen a 4 leaf clover leaf before.

Thanks for your kind suggestions, I’m posting the Leaf of the clover variety, this is the only one located in a google search resembling both the flower and leaf markings. There are other similar clovers but not with the flower combinations.

Re-Post for more room to the left of flower.

John Wayne, the re-post looks much better with some space in the front. Thanks for posting the image of leaf. Haven’t seen that before either.