Frostbite 21 + Answer

This is an image I rarely have the opportunity to make but is the result of the extreme cold (for us) that we experienced last week. I was attracted to the almost full spectrum of colors and the fine textures. I’ll let folks guess the subject and scale.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does it have enough going on to keep your interest? All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Bill, yes it most definitely has a lot to keep me looking again and again. The colors and the textures suggest, at least to me, this might be a photo of frost on tree bark? Are the colors created by the sun’s reflection on the crystals? Lovely abstract feel. Wonderful capture.

Hi Bill - I like it. Maybe my eyes are too old, but it looks just a touch off sharp? My guess is this is a deck or a bench. Beautiful and engaging shot.

Decaying wood covered with ice and frost?

Nice abstract! I think it’s a tin can a bit rusted from the moisture with frost on it?

It looks like tree bark and frost. Beautiful colors and textures. I would be tempted to crop up from the bottom to eliminate the brown LLC. I find that area tugging at my attention and holding it. Really good abstract.

To me it looks like a heap of twigs, but is it even possible for a heap to get such an ice cover?
Anyhow, it is a really nice abstract image. Agree with JimS note on the sharpness (especially at the LLC, where the clue is situated!).

Ice on the rings of a cut tree? Interesting textures regardless, and you caught some amazing colors in there.

Bill, this looks like the frosted bark of a palm tree up close. The angled curves and all the details look very good. The darker at the bottom and brighter at the top adds to the eye flow as well.


I like the textures and colors. To me, I’m going with a palm fronds. Well done. …Jim

Thanks for your comments everyone. This is an extract from a damaged Bird of Paradise leaf. You can see a wider view of another damaged leaf here. Thanks for playing.

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Beautiful abstract Bill. I am coming in too late to have made my own guess at this, but I would have failed miserably anyways. :grin: Frozen butterfly wing anyone ?

What’s especially intriguing about this is the gradient from warm to cool colors as you move up the frame. This creates a very unusual and appealing color combination. And thanks for sharing the wider view of the subject in your “reveal” Kudos to you for seeing how to extract this from the plant.