Frozen in time

Was exploring the rocky shore of the Bruce Peninsula and came across this wonderful line in the snow. I could see it but it hardly registered on the camera. I had to boost the contrast to get to this point. This is one of the few images in my catalog that I could think of that would be close to low contrast.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome

Technical Details

1/400, f/10, iso400, 100mm (24-105 mm) on full frame.

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Yes, Bryan, low contrast is not where most photogs (including me) spend much time…thus a challenging challenge. The ghostliness and the fine shape of the ridge look good.

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This is quite beautiful! Graceful and evocative. I could envision this is a gallery setting - something unique, unframed maybe? in a solitary space? I dunno… I’m no art aficionado… but I know this is quite cool.

ok, being the nitpicker that I am… I do notice a number of specs, which I presume are spots of dirt on top of the otherwise pristine snow. Also towards the bottom to the left of the ridge looks to be a smudging dust bunny. Only noticeable in the large view - OR in print. But certainly not preventing me from enjoying this exquisite and refined image.


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I really enjoy this. I have to look at it somewhat closely to pick out all of the line, but it’s a beautiful shape. Really a great minimalist image. I find it very calm. It encourages me to look for more simple lines and to accentuate them.

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