Fungus at Sunset + Reposts

Went into the forest today while waiting for birds to visit my feeder and came upon a log with several fungi attached. The sun was low in the sky and me light was fading. Will be zooming in for much closer macro views at later postings.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D Mk III, f-5 , 1/250 sec. iso 1600, using Canon 180 Macro on tripod.

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Wayne, what a great find. I just love the lighting. The shapes and lines are really nice. It almost looks like icing on it! It may be just some dark spots on the mushrooms (2 up near the top left and one down on the bottom right) or it could be dust bunnies, but easy to fix if you want. Really a great subject and capture.

RePost to remove dust bunnies. Thanks Shirley, sometimes I not sure if spots are there or just my floaters in my eyes.

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John, wonderful image. fungi I find is never like this, the details and color are amazing.

This is a fine view, that shows off the gills of these mushrooms very well. While clearly not possible in this view, if there were any time of day that would allow you to get gold similar to what we see at the bottom into the oof area at the top that would be a nice addition.

What a compelling subject with all the undulating edges and textures and lines! Looks like something I could spend a couple hours observing and shooting. Nice image! I like the mix of warm and cool tones although I wish they were closer to one another in the frame. Perhaps some processing could emphasize those colors to make them more a part of the story of the image.

Looking forward to your macros, John.

Thanks to all for the great comments. I hope to revisit this wooded site tomorrow and do some more shots at sunset. Will also try to do some stacking of shots although I prefer the more soft aspect of some of the shot. Will also try to connect some of that golden hour color. Also, will have to wear brighter color clothes. . .dear season you know.

Repost with more golden light effects.

Wayne: Terrific lighting and wonderful details in the largest version. Most excellent. >=))>

Thanks Bill, I spent several hours yesterday on the fungus trail. Did some focus stacking but have not edited yet.