Garden Tour 10 x2

Center of Attention
Sony A77II
Minolta 100mm macro
ISO 400, 1/5 @ f22
Last shot of our Louisiana Iris. I don’t use my 100mm lens very often so I forget what a joy it is to handle and its incredible sharpness. I needed to work a little closer to the flower and since I planned to fill the frame I didn’t need the narrower field of view of my 200mm. All comments welcome. >=))>

And here is an alternate version using the Illustration Mode on the camera and oil paint in PS.

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What a flower, and the way you’ve displayed it is stunning. I like the 2nd version…it seems slightly darker, richer, and a little redder which all appeal to me more than the first, which in comparison seems too stark. Awesome macro close up.

Bill, I agree with Mark, both of these images are stunning. Must admit, I prefer the first image because, for me it has a softer feel to it. Both are amazing and I for one will never tire of seeing them especially done so well.

What a striking play of color in this iris. Either version works well, but you know how I am drawn to the illustration mode on the Sony. So #2 is my choice. Wonderful image!

A real beauty, Bill. Love the shades of purple, and the yellow splashes. I miss my Iris’, I used to have them when we lived in VA. May have to find room in our flower bed for a couple. I found a couple growing wild (where an old house use to be) on my walk recently, and tried taking photos of it, but didn’t have my 100 mm lens with me, plus it was white, so didn’t get anything like this for a shot. Great job.

been enjoying your images… amazing work, larry

Beautiful Bill!

I’m enjoying both. The first of course the more natural - still full of beauty and a wonderful design. The color combination just beautiful. The second one, clearly more abstract and “manipulated,” but in a very pleasing and striking way.

One thing the applied effects have done in the second image is eliminate all the little tiny white specs, which there are many in the original; and too many to clone out or otherwise deal with.


I like both but really am drawn to the second one. It looks like an abstract painting and is very compelling.