GBH portrait

Seen this morning at my neighborhood lake.

Canon 90D, 400mm f4 DO IS II, 1.4x TC III
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/2000s, hand held

Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Very nice portrait, Allen. Great details in the heron, and the log he is standing on. The water makes for a nice background. I like the head turn that he gave you. I see that you shot this with the 90D as well. Do you like it over the 7D II?

Shirley, I like the details of the 90D files with the greater resolution but I’m not convinced about the 90D concerning action capture such as birds in flight. The buffer size is a bit smaller than the 7D2 and I need to test the auto focus more to see how it does consistently with action. Right now I am hoping for a 7D3 with the 90D resolution, bigger buffer size, and robust auto focus. I need more testing with the 90D to see just how robust the 90D auto focus is.

Thank you, Allen. I don’t plan to buy a new camera any time soon, but was curious, and thought maybe others might be as well. I like the 7D II for the birds. That 10 fps is a real bonus. Maybe by the time I am ready for a new camera body, the 7D III will have been out for awhile. Thanks again. I appreciate your input.

Nicely captured and composed, Allen. I like seeing the front plumage of this colorful heron. I also like that you included the bottom part of the log perch, which makes the image more balanced for me.

These herons are particularly skittish around here and fly away as soon as soon as someone stops to look at them.

Allen: very nice pose and composition. Great job in capturing the detail in the plumage, especially so in the whites. Richard

Pleasing pose, detail, light and vertical crop on this image. Background works well.

Very nice pose and detail, Allen. I like the lighting and the exposure.