Going It Alone

Canon S2
This image has a number of things going for it besides being the wall paper on my second monitor at home. This was taken at Great Sand Dunes NP in 2005. It was my first trip there and the first day of our visit. After putting up our tent Chrissy and I went on a little scouting trip across the Medrano river. The Canon S2 was also my first digital camera. I was a long time Minolta user but at that time Minolta was way behind the digital curve. I don’t recall if their first digital SLR was even available yet. I bought the S2 a couple of days before we left. It had an EVF which compared to the marvelous optical viewfinder on my Minolta M7 film camera left a lot to be desired. This was really kind of a grab shot but I liked it and posted it on the old site when we got home and was awarded one of my first WP selections.
Of course Minolta was so late to the digital SLR game that they were never significant players. It was my great good fortune that Sony acquired them and continued with the A-Mount lenses. Now I have two Sony A77 DSLRs and the EVF on them has made me forget any misgivings I had about looking at a little TV screen for a viewfinder. The journey from the S2 to my gear now has been gratifying but one thing this image tells me is that equipment is much less important than vision. All comments welcome.>=))>

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This really tells a great story. I hope that the person down there had some water with him. Really a wonderful image. Bob Engle

Beautiful lines and great lighting in this image, Bill. The tiny person, lost in the image, gives a great sense of scale.

Bill, this is great. The big sweeping U of the bright dunes, the lone (and very tiny) hiker and the subtle colors in the background dune all come together beautifully. I start out my photo workshops saying, it’s not the equipment, it’s the mind using the equipment that make great photos.

I really like this, Bill. The walker provides a great perspective, leading element and overall interest to some great dunes. I can see why it would be one of your favorites.