Going up river

This Great Egret is one 10 Egrets that make the Back River in Old Lyme, Ct their home. As you can see it is an over casted day. The shot is hand-held using my Canon 7DII, with the Sigma 150-600mm Lens, at 538mm, F8, 1/3200, ISO of 640. I cropped the Egret by 35%, adjusted the exposure, highlight, vibrancy, ( local brush wing highlight, head sharpness and vibrancy) in DxO PhotoLab.

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What technical feedback would you like if any?


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An excellent job on the exposure and sharpness of the egret, Peter. I particularly like the wingtip in the water. I don’t see any human element in the image, so I believe you posted it in Human and Fauna by mistake. I’ll move it to Avian.

Hi Dennis
Thank you for the comment and moving the photo to Avian. (You were correct about my fat fingers)

Agree with Dennis. Bird is nice and sharp, exposure looks spot on, and I love the wing drag. My only suggestion is to run some noise reduction on the BG.

Nice exposure and good that the bird seems to be parallel to us. Fine details. Agree with running noise reduction on the background.

Thanks for the comments. The current in the boating channel gives a difference look to the water out side the channel. I increased the the noise reduction and took out the blue reflection in the boating channel.

Excellent job on the reworked image, Peter.