Great Blue Heron, white morph

When Mike Ramy and I first spotted this bird standing on the shore, we both said, "I’ve never seen a Common Egret posing with it’s underwings exposed to the sun. In seeing this photo of the bird as it took flight, it’s clear from the legs that this is not a Common Egret. It’s a White morph, Great Blue Heron. They’re common in the Caribbean but only occasionally seen in the southern parts of Florida. We saw this one on Lake George, which is northern Florida. (7D2, 100-400 @ 400, 1/3200 s, f/10, iso 800)


I really like the setting in this Mark. Excellent lien position, exposure, and detail on the Heron. I think you did a good job of composing the image. I see a lot of Great Blue Herons in my area but I have never seen a white morph. I’ve seen one great Egret on the Puget Sound in the last 20 years.

Wow – wonderful find, beautifully photographed. Lovely setting and well-handled whites!

Great find, Mark. Excellent image to show it off.

I live in northern Florida and have never seen a white morph great blue heron. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Now I’ll be on the lookout :grinning: Really terrific shot Mark which shows off this beautiful bird against the swamp background.

Mark, I never saw a white morphed GB before, nor had I heard of one, so this is really special, especially since they are rare in the US. I love the low fly, and the trees and swamp for the background. Excellent shot.

This is a great image Mark, you took full advantage of this opportunity indeed. I have as yet not found my images of this encounter but I still have about 9000 files to go through