Great Egret carrying stick

Seen in a Louisiana rookery last week. Love the breeding colors.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 7D mark II, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/2500s


Looks like you had a productive outing. Wing position - especially the shoulder framing the neck - is super. Seems a trifle soft, but it was moving with a purpose. Lovely whites and that green! A scroll crop eliminating the ULC is interesting.

Very nice image against the dark background. Great wings and the nesting material is an added bonus.

While the whites don’t appear to be blown, they seem pretty hot. I wondered how much more detail was there so I played with the jpeg. I’m sure you could do better with the RAW

Here’s the result. I’ve found using dehaze, whites and highlights on bright whites can help bring out more detail. In this case it also pushed the saturation up and created a bit of a yellow cast so I just moved the saturation slider left to remove it. See what you think.

Thanks Keith! Nice rework. I brought down the whites some already in post processing but guess I could have gone further. Thanks for the redo.

Allen what a fine image. Perfect composition and pose of the bird. Well done.

Excellent, Allen. I like the way the bird sets against the background. It’s also fortuitous that the green lores match the greens in the background so well. I like Keith’s technique of bringing out the detail in the whites.

Nice pose and detail; he really jumps out against the dark BG. I like the additional detail in the whites that @Keith_Bauer brought out. Near-whites are often too featureless even though not blown. I use a careful balance of Exposure and Highlight reduction, and then move the Whites slider up a little to increase contrast in the brightest tones. I’ll have to try adding Dehaze.

I wonder about bringing out a shade more detail in the darks and agree that the UL corner could be darkened, and also the brightest area below the bird.