Green Heron landing

The Green Herons have returned to my neighborhood lake and I think a pair are trying to build a nest near the boat dock. I played around with the composition on this image but given that is all the room I have on the right (without adding), I decided on a square crop.

Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 640, f6.3, 1/2500s, hand held

Any comments appreciated.

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Hi Allen, Can’t imagine this shot being any better as darker background highlights the beautiful feathers on landing. Was wondering if a little lightening up of the head might allow the great shot of the eye to shine?

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Fantastic capture Allen! The water color and light on the Heron really pops! I think you nailed it with the pose and look as well!

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Well, Allen, this is a fantastic shot. Well-exposed, the pose is awesome and the head (crest) shows great. Nothing that’s not look like here. Well done, cheers, Hans

What wonderful picture. The light underlinings of this Greenie against dark background make for one impressive shot.

This is an impressive shot, Allen. Love his wing spread, the determined look he has as he concentrates on landing (an maybe getting his photo taken). Very nice. Square works for me.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@johnwayne, Thanks much for the suggestion and rework! I think I have already lightened the dark areas as much as I can on the heron without allowing too much noise. But of course that’s from me being able to work on and view the original RAW.

Very nice image here. You caught the wings in a perfect position for the square crop. Light is fantastic.

Sweet shot. Excellent detail and the timing seems perfect with the wing position.

Pose and light are spectacular. I do see some noise, so I’d probably loosen the crop some. I think the pose will carry a wider comp. You’re really getting these guys and gals trained!