Green Heron plus Kingfisher

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I visited the state park pond again this morning and found a cooperative green heron right away. The kingfishers were so busy chasing each other I didn’t get any shots of them trying to fish.

Specific Feedback

I did a good bit of stick removal in the first image. How does it look?
The sky in the last image seems really dark and blue but I didn’t do anything to specifically enhance it one way or the other.

Technical Details

Canon R7, 400mm f4 DO IS II, 1.4x extender III, monopod

First image is ISO 800, f6.3, 1/2500s
Second image is ISO 1600, f7.1, 1/3200s
Third image is ISO 800, f7.1, 1/4000s

Critique Template

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  • Vision and Purpose:
  • Conceptual:
  • Emotional Impact and Mood:
  • Composition:
  • Balance and Visual Weight:
  • Depth and Dimension:
  • Color:
  • Lighting:
  • Processing:
  • Technical:

The pose in the first image is to die for, Allen. I like the reflections in both of the green Heron images. To my eye the plumages of the herons look a little dull and muddy compared with what I usually see. I’m not sure about the sky in the kingfisher image-it might just have resulted from exposing for hte whites which look like they might be able to come up just a tiny bit, but I think I’d just bring up the brightness of the sky a bit on general principles.

Definitely to die for!!! I have to wonder why he didn’t scoot down just a bit lower on the perch, but that certainly adds interest and a bit of humor to the image – which is dead-serious in terms of capture and processing.

The second is also gorgeous – you are on a roll. The third would be amenable to a slight lowering of saturation of blues in the raw file. That will lighten them a bit and give more leeway for bringing down exposure or whites. Beautiful flight capture!!

A fantastic collection of birds. Such a treat to have some habituated to humans at least somewhat. I can’t get near either species up here most of the time. That first downward stretch is so full of tension and purpose. I love it and am a lovely shade of emerald green at your opportunities and skill.

Wow, the first one is just super! The second is great, too - I love all the angles.

What about cropping a tad off the right of the first one to accentuate the verticality of if?

nice job on all three of these images Allen. Excellent detail on the Kingfisher and the lighting and water on the other two images are outstanding.

All three are great. The pose and the color of the water in the first is what draws my attention. I like the reflected background in the second and the way the light is on the perch and heron. You’ve certainly mastered kingfisher flight shots-a very nice look at one.