Green Heron

I shot this photo at the Circle-B-Bar Preserve near Lakeland, Florida. Fantastic spot for photography.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I typically analyze a photo at full-view. I’m not concerned with zooming in, except maybe for a rare print. I’m also applying different software tools for finishing, but will save my process for later, if interested. Don’t want the tools to factor into the critique.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Nothing specific

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Welcome to NPN, Brett. This is a very nice first post. I like the position of the Heron in the frame and the eye contact and both the sharpness of the bird and the exposure look good. I don’t know what the physical situation was at that location, but I think you could have obtained a more dramatic image and minimized the muddy area if you could have gotten a bit lower angle on the bird which would have put it against the greenery with some more water in the foreground.

It does help people frame constructive comments if you provide information about the shooting conditions and equipment used. For instance there’s no point in suggesting that you zoom in or out if you’re using a fixed focal length lens.

This is a very nice image and I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work and your input on other people’s work.

Thanks for the comments. I couldn’t have really gotten a lower angle, because I was up on an embankment. Maybe I could have sat or laid down, but from the distance, not sure that would have helped. I’ll try it next time.

Hi Brett. I have the same issue with some of my favorite wildlife refuges. One requires you to stay in the car, which makes it impossible to getlow. Not much you can do about it. Thanks for posting the exif data.

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Nice shot Brett. I like the position of the bird in the frame and the nice eye contact. And the inclusion of the habitat is a big plus as well. At 300 mm you got pretty close to the heron. Good for you. Good suggestions by Dennis and you do have to deal with what you can.

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