Green on red

Close up of plant growing in the moss.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?



A nice find, Ola. I like the composition and the contrast of colors in this.

Ola: What a fine holiday offering. I love all the colors and the many fine details. Marvelous find, comp and capture. >=))>

Ola, the colors really pop. The details also look great. I do like the scattered bits of green peeking up from below.

@Shirley_Freeman, @Bill_Fach and @Mark_Seaver thanks for your kind comments. Mark, I cleaned up some other stuff but kept the bits of green since I also liked them!
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Ola, you keep on surprising me! I spotted this image as a thumbnail on latest posts, and immediately had the urge to open it and indulge myself with this feast of colors. And then I realize it’s yours… which, of course it is :slight_smile:
… What a joy this simple scene is. While it looks simple, to spot it, and then to be able to efficiently communicate it to you lucky audience, is anything but. Really nicely done, once more. Please don’t stop, keep it on :clap:

Adding to the above, and looking to the image some more time, the only thing that kind of sticks out to me, is that I’d maybe prefer the focus point to be on the central and closer to the viewer bunch of leaves, as shown on the image I added. Maybe having a smaller aperture / more depth of field would help, to have all the leaves in focus. Maybe this is a case of subject movement and not focus, can’t tell. Maybe this is a digital close up from a larger image, so nailing focus was not easy to do… in any case, and beyond and above all, lovely capture anyway :slight_smile:

Wow! This is gorgeous – a lovely shape so well framed, of unusual vegetation and wonderful colors!

Lovely image with great colors. The green plant pops out of the red background. Fits the holiday season. Agree with Nikos on focus.

The green plant against the red is very eye catching. The spot of yellow adds interest and is perfectly placed.

Wonderful image, Ola. So pretty and very seasonal in its colors (in USA, at least).

@Nikos, @Diane_Miller, @ravi, @Chris_Baird, and @Matt_Lancaster thank you for your kind comments. Nikos, I framed this one already in the camera. Regarding the lack of sharpness at the most important spot, I could only blame myself!

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