Harrier vs. Redtail

This interaction took place several years ago at a local wildlife refuge. I believe we have a northern harrier which is in flight and a red tail which is on the perch. Although I got multiple images of this behavior. This was the best shot I thought. While it could be a lot sharper, the large crop yields a very interesting painterly background. The day after this image was taken, there was a big storm in the perch was knocked over and not replaced.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 800, 500+1.4 X, F8, 1000th, 40% of full frame, D 500

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Fantastic image. The painterly appearance is wonderful. And to think you didn’t have to create it using software. Any idea what caused it? The wings position of the red tail is very interesting. Great shot. Did the harrier attack the red tail? Pass by? take the perch? What happened?

Very good behavioral image, David. There’s plenty of detail to identify the birds and the background is really cool. As Jim noted, it does leave one wondering what happened, which is a good thing.

Terrific action shot and behavioral image. I’ve never seen a bg like that. Very interesting.

Nice behavior shot. Action like this is always so fun to capture.

That background is really odd. No clue how that happened.

Excellent action shot, David. The painterly look is very interesting.

Great interaction and amazing BG! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Did you do some sort of major NR and/or sharpening? Whatever – it’s very interesting, as is the behavior capture.