Sony A77
Sony DT55-200 @ 135mm
ISO 400, 1/320 @ f8

One of the great joys of cruising Alaska on a small ship (60 passengers) was anchoring every night in some out of the way inlet or fjord and then exploring the area by kayak the next morning. Hoping to convey the scale of the area with one of our shipmates near the shoreline. All comments welcome. >=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill, excellent “Grand Scale” scene with the person kayaking being dwarfed by the enormous backdrop. Wonderful image…:+1:
Only thought for change might be checking the cast a bit. Seems slightly mag/cyan possibly? Not a nit just a thought for playing around for deeper clarity maybe…:thinking:

A very impressive scene with the kayak adding a good sense of scale, Bill. Wish there was a little more detail in the kayaker when viewing the large version.

This is a very impressive scene, Bill, and I do like the kayak in it. Makes me realize how high those rocks are, with the trees growing out of them. Lots to view.

Bill, love the kayaker setting the scale and matching the colors in the sunlit areas. The scattered sunlit areas work well and the scale of the wall is impressive.