High Pollen Count

Fall and Spring produce massive amounts of tree pollens.

Technical Details

Composite: No
D810, f/7.1, ISO 320 1/400 simple ACR edit and a touch of photoshop for highlights.


Another tremendous view. The scale of it is so malleable. If someone said this was a drone shot, I’d believe it. Viewed large though, there are some tell-tales. It is a little soft, but the greens are so vibrant that it can be overlooked. Maybe tame some of the highlights in the center. Very cool shot.

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It was shot from atop a highway looking down toward a dam spillway. Likely about 35 ft down.

It’s always great fun to find beauty in “pond scum”, Chris, this is a fine example. You’ve got a good mix of textures to go along with the big sweeping curve of bright green.


Never thought I’d say such a thing about tree pollen…but that’s beautiful. The choice of what to include and how its situation add to both the drama and beauty of the shot. The photoshop highlights give it a “sci-fi” scape feel–all of which totally works. :slight_smile:

Very cool! Without the small pieces of duckweed or whatever it is, it could almost be a nebula shot by the Hubble.

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