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This is a picture I took a few years back and I like it, but something has always been slightly off with it for me.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I think it has something to do with the composition, so any critique about that would be great. However, all critiques are welcome about any aspect of it.

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Hi Trevor !

Welcome to NPN !
You have a great subject here and you managed to extract some wonderful details in the darks.
You may straighten the horizon if it wasn’t a slope. Actually frame is tilting towards left as the RHS is quite empty, you may crop some canvas off on the RHS, after the fallen tree,

Looking forward to seeing more work from your camera !
Cheers !

Hi Trevor. For me, the composition feels a little tight. I’d like to see more room to the left and below the bison, and more room on top so the tree is not right at the frame edge. I’m not sure what the original frame is, so maybe you have some room to play with the crop.

The processing is nice, and you have good detail in the dark bison. I look forward to more of your work!

The details in the bison are showing very well here, Trevor. As Craig says, the framing is too tight, especially behind and below the bison. With the extra “empty” space between the trees and the right hand edge, you could also crop most of that out. There is a nice sense of flow from the bison to the trees and beyond.