Hout Bay Gold

Chapmans Peak, Hout Bay, South Africa.

I had to remove a bit of shoreline which was unavoidable as I couldn’t get far enough forward, to shoot this without the line of the cliff top intruding into the sea, at least I couldn’t with my wife and kids looking on. I have therefore cropped and cloned a wee bit out to get the shot I envisaged. It was a very dramatic view with crashing surf and a fabulous sunset exploding through clouds and outlining the mountain tops opposite. Although film is a difficult medium to use when dealing with contrast of this magnitude it is mitigated a little by having supremely good quality bleed to white at the upper end of the brightness scale.

Pentax 67II 55-100 zoom, f/11 at 1/200 second Fuji Velvia.


Quite stunning composition and light here. I feel the color balance is a bit off as there is a strong greenish/cyan tint though I can’t quite pinpoint why.

The foreground here is quite subtle and I really like it. There seems to be quite a barrel distortion to the image (I am not quite sure, just that there is an impression of a curved horizon) and normally I would object to it but I think it actually adds to this image. I am with @Richard_Wong about the color. I am not quite sure about it either.

Hmm. I shouldn’t have done this one so late at night the highlights do have a greenish cast. The rest of the image looks pretty much the same as the transparency. Anyway here’s a repost with the corrected highlights. I don’t think its barrel distortion as I don’t really have that much tilt to the lens. The bay does however curve around in a giant arc.

Ian, very beautiful photo. My suggestion, which is obviously in the subjective category, is to darken the highlights on the left side a bit, like so: