Hummer feeding on red yucca


The hummingbird activity at my house has been very slow. I set up a couple of days ago and finally got a couple of images after a few hours. Oh well… Still marvelous little creatures! This is my usual multi-flash “studio” setup out in the back yard.
4 flashes at 1/16, 3 on the hummer / flower, 1 on the background.
Nothing particularly special. Hoping for more activity in the weeks to come.

Olympus EM1X
300mm f/4
1/200, f/16, ISO 250

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Very well done, as usual, Keith. You really have your flash setup dialed in.

Keith, this is a fine look at the Hummer and flower. You have the flash setup perfect. I love watching them on our feeder.

Funny, how this may seem to you ‘nothing special’, whereas I see an excellent shot. Love the pose, the flowers making for a ‘roof’ above the bird. Techs perfect as usual. Cheers, Hans

@Hans_Overduin Thank you Hans. I guess we all fall into the trap of “special” images as something that is different. I appreciate your thoughts and realize how lucky I am to be able to photograph these little marvels.

Looks pretty special from here. The flash works well to even the scene.

This is one of the better multiflash setups I’ve seen. I know you have exceptionally good skills when it comes to these kinds of images. Although I have tried it, I haven’t been able to spend the fine tuning needed to keep the image from looking flashed. I know that takes a lot of trial and error. Excellent work here.

Wonderful!!! You have the lighting dialed in!

I’m feeling like the last flower at the left edge is a bit of a distraction. If cloning isn’t against your ethics it would be easily removed, otherwise a crop would do it. I’m feeling that a bit more room at the bottom would be good, too – but small nits for a gorgeous image.