Male Broad Tailed Hummer

I’m always trying to capture a bit of a different image with my hummingbird work. Of course it is impossible to predict the wing position and even getting them where you hope is largely luck. I was happy to capture this one with the male broad tailed coming down to feed on the yucca flowers.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Olympus EM1X, 40-150 f/2.8 with 2x converter, 1/200, f/16, ISO 320
3 flashes at 1/16 power

Male Broad Tailed Hummer


This is an outstanding image, Keith. Great background and I like how the hummer is placed at the top of the photo. Great color and you stopped his wings dead. Terrific detail in the hummer.


Really sweet image Kieth. Love the flower and the color of the flower and you have a really pleasing blurred out background. Everything on the hummer is sharp and you captured a great head angle and wing position. If I have only one very small not it would be that the flower is front and center, and quite a bit brighter than the hummer. Maybe tone the brightness of the flower down OR increase the luminosity a little bot on the hummer to make it the star of the show. Having said that, I wish this was mine.

Keith: I’m not a bird guy but this transcends genre IMO. I especially like the wing position and the overall comp. Marvelous shot. >=))>

“I’m always trying to capture a bit of a different image with my hummingbird work” . And that’s exactly what you have done here. Love it very much The colours match perfectly ! Well seen and done, must have been tough ! Cheers, Hans

Lovely composition and flight pose, Keith, and those Yucca flowers are always so beautiful. Makes me wonder if it would grow up here, but I doubt it.

I too tip my hat to your capture. Magnificent. However, I may way off, as David Haynes above suggests toning down the flower, I’d brighten it a bit as it tells the story of the object of the hummingbird’s quest, so bringing that out, for me, tells the story better.