Hunting breakfast

I photograph this Greater Yellowlegs at 7 AM on 4/26/2020 at the Back Hall River in Old Lyme, Ct. As I got out of the car the Yellowlegs was working it’s way down to the boat launch, so I just sat-down and waited on the shot. (hand held)###
What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

The only difference be-tween the first and second shot is, the first is 16 by 9 and the next is 4 by 3, both crop by 20%. 7DII, Sigma 150-600mm, 484 mm, ISO 640, F8, 1/1600. I did some sharpening and removed a small stick in the second photo using DxO PhotoLab 3.

If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Smart of you to train it to walk right up after you get out of the car! I think I prefer the second. IQ on both is good, I like the reflection, and the light is nice. Just prefer the action in the second. I’d consider adding a slight vignette to it to minimize the stuff in the LLC.

Hi Peter,

I like the first one with the water drop captured coming off the bill. You could crop a little from the left if so desired. Otherwise, Well done…Jim

Both photos look really good. Birds are nice and sharp and have nice contrast and stand out from bg. Both crops also work. I do find both birds a bit too centered and would prefer them a bit more left in the frame. Nice to get so close to this one.

Both images are quite sharp with good color and reasonable point of view. Yes it’s hard to get down on your belly these days. I’m also a fan of vignettes as it focuses attention on the subject.

Both of these are very good, Peter. Excellent detail in the plumage and a couple of nice poses. You might look at moving both birds just a bit further left in the frames, but the images do work as posted.

Thank you for the comments. I trimed the left side of the frame and here is that post. At this time I do not have a plug in for vignettes in DxO PhotoLab 3.