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This Osprey flew by me ten minutes after the Great Egret of my last post bring home a snack. Luckily for me as he left the nest the Osprey flight came fairly close to the Zodiac .
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Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7Dll, Sigma 150-600mm, f7.1, 252mm, 1/6400, -1.3EV, ISO 400. The shot is handheld and cropped by 40%, into a 16by9. In DxO PhoyoLab 4, I increased Midtones, Shadows and add a little blue to the sky.

Nice flight shot, and especially the colors in the sky are working nicely along here. Always great when you can capture such a great bird ! Cheers, Hans

Nice flight shot, Peter. Detail and light are good and I like the wing position-it just spells speed. When I zoomed in I noticed a little irregularity on the upper surface of the beak that looks like a processing artifact-you might want to look at it.

Cool shot! Great detail and the subtle sky works well. I took the appearance of the beak to be a remnant of his last meal.

A really dandy pose Peter and good job on focusing. I like that pinkish tinge in the sky. Hopefully you can get some shots this spring when they are nesting.

Really nice, Peter. Good detail and color and of course, I like the action.

Very nice look at an Osprey in flight.

Nice action in this image. I especially like the crop. Well done.

I think that you did good with this one. The material on the beak as others have said are remnants of its latest meal. I like the colors of the flight feathers and wing position. Well done…Jim