Ice and water

This is the waterfall “Anderssjöåfallet” in Härjedalen, Sweden.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
0.5 sec, f/22, ISO 64, 600 mm equivalent


This is simply gorgeous, Ola. The bluish toning is perfect to convey cold, and the way the jagged ice frames the rushing water is well done. It has a great sense of depth, too.

Love this icy waterfall window! The composition, tones, texture, contrast between static and dynamic, subjects and geometry are all interesting and beautiful. Thanks

I like this view through the ice into the water fall. The diagonal lines of the ice on the left add a lot to the design of this image, raising it above just another waterfall shot. My only suggestion would be to add some edge burning / vignette to pull more attention into the center of the image.

This is beautiful.

Love the overall look of the photo and the way the eyes is leading trough the different layers, and the contrast – from light, colours and shapes.

One small nit is the URC that bothers me a little…

I like the exposure you used for the water. It has a nice lacy look.

@BenM, @Eva_McDermott, @Ed_McGuirk, @joaoquintela and @Bonnie_Lampley thanks for your kind comments and proposals for improvement.

Joao, yes it would have been good to have had the URC covered by ice/snow. I discussed with myself if to clone ice into that corner but finally decided not to.

Eva, since the ice/snow include a lot of details I wanted to have as smooth water as possible without making the water completely contourless.

Ed., I will test your suggestion to darken the edges and corners and see if I agree!