ICM is fun...and hard! w/Repost

Repost with suggested Vignette added:


Inspired by @Vanessa_Hill’s ICM work and @Alfredo_Mora’s article, I got off my rear and went out to the yard to try my hand at it. I shot 240 images and kept 3. But it was fun and I hope to get better with more practice. I kinda liked how this one turned out…

Specific Feedback Requested

What are your thoughts? Does it work? Too blurry?

Technical Details

Fujifilm GFX 100, GF 110 f/2, 0.3 sec @ f/2, ISO 100, 6 stop ND, Handheld…and…movement!

Minor processing and cropping in Capture One.


David, I like this one. Just enough shape in it that I know it is some kind of plant, but blurry enough to look dreamy. I’ve got to try this, for sure.

Really beautiful, David. It has a lot of dimension to it. Did you swoop up and to the right? It kind of looks like it… or something else? I’m glad I can be inspirational! :laughing:

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Hi @Vanessa_Hill, thank you. Actually, I swooped up and to the left, but in processing I decided that flipping the image horizontally worked better. :slightly_smiling_face: Good catch.

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I really like this!! Lots of energy in the sweeping lines combined with a dreamy softness. A keeper rate of 3/240 is excellent for this game!

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David: Two of the many things I like about ICM images are that they are unpredictable and completely unique. I really like this and how you filled the frame with color. Most excellent. >=))>

@Diane_Miller and @Bill_Fach thanks for the nice comments. It was a lot of fun. I went out this morning and did some ICM shots of reeds in a marsh area. We’ll see how those turned out…

To think, you used a 100 megapixel camera to make a “blurry” photograph - it reminds me of the pictorialist photographers of eld.

My only suggestion would be to perhaps add in a slight vignette, so as to really emphasize the brightest portion of the photograph (in the middle), which in turn would help emphasize the shape of the grasses (again, middle). Not too heavy, of course, but just enough.

It’s great to see the article by @Alfredo_Mora has been inspiring to you and others. I look forward to seeing what else you create with this method and, hopefully, your keeper rate will go up in time.

Thank you Cody and David for tagging me on this post. As Cody mentioned, it’s wonderful to see you go out and experiment in your yard. I’m liking the shapes and color you have captured in your image. Nicely done!

@Cody_Schultz, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Please see the repost above.

@Alfredo_Mora, thanks again for your comments and inspiration.


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Yes, I think that little bit of vignette you added did the trick. Very nice!

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Yes, I agree, ICM is fun, but most important is that this forum and its contributors inspire us to explore new skills and challenges / thanks @Vanessa_Hill and @Alfredo_Mora :blush:

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Very, very cool, Tom. Wonderful image.

Thanks David, I might try your vignetten as well as I agree it improved your image :ok_hand:

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