In flight landing + repost

Please comment on composition, color, sharpness or lack of, DOF, Noise etc…I got thick skin, what do you think.

Nikon D500 / 200-500 at 340mm
1/1250 f/9 at ISO 1000

I am enjoying this image, Greg. I love the composition, with the two flowers balancing the image. The sharpness is right where it is needed. It would have been great to have had more DOF so the front flower would have been sharp, and the wings of the butterfly, but you needed the shutter speed to have stop action, so we can’t have everything. I think you managed it all well. I see no noise. If it were my image, I might would try to clone out the leaf and the tip of another flower at the bottom that is coming into the image, but not a deal breaker. Love that smooth background, making the flowers and the butterfly pop. :+1: :+1:

Shirley, those attention to detail eyes of yours are exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. I am a firm believer that a person may not improve as much or as fast if he/she only asks for nice comments or only submits images to a forum that doesn’t have the talent that we have here.

I am thankful to you and other photographers on here for your contribution in my refining my process.


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Glad I could help. I know this site has helped me as well. Always good to have some extra sets of eyes to look at our work. I know I can look at my photos, convince myself that everything is looking good, post it, and others here can notice something that I missed. The repost looks good. I will edit the title to add “+ repost” so folks will know that you have edited the photo since the original post.

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Greg, the two flowers are nicely balanced in the frame. Getting them and the BF even reasonably sharp is a good accomplishment. The BF’s eyes and face are nice and sharp. The soft green background fits very well. In particular removing that bit of leaf at the bottom is good improvement. Removing the oof stalk behind also looks good.

Greg: Getting the face and antennae of the fritillary sharp is key to this image and makes the shot IMO. I do like the comp and positioning of the flowers in the frame. The small bits of clean up you did help take this from A to A+ IMO. Top notch shot. >=))>

Thank Bill,
Thanks Mark, was wondering if anyone would catch the stalk being gone also.

Another thank you to all for I feel your comments helped this image to earn the editors pick.