Common Lime

Iso 400
1/800 sec
How to get a more clear image…
Ig @nishandvenugopal


A real beauty, Nishand. Nice contrast and color, and sharpness where it is needed. I do wish those bright out of focus flowers on the left and the right of the image weren’t there. I would even consider cropping that bottom flower out as well, as it doesn’t add to the image, and is even a bit distracting. A little more space at the top would be nice, as the wings are pretty close to the edge. I like how the background is smoothly out of focus, letting the butterfly really stand out.

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Thank you very much for your advice.

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This is nicely composed and exposed. Interesting butterfly. I’ve never seen one before.

At first I didn’t see what you were asking about in regards to a clearer image, but when I looked at the larger image and zoomed in to 100%, I can see that it is a little soft.

Since you were shooting at 4 times faster than 1/focal length, it doesn’t seem like camera shake. I think the focus point is a little in front of the butterfly and behind the front flower. The 2 main things I think may have happened are that you moved slightly after focusing, or that the lens missed focus. Either of these can happen.

Shoot backups. Check your auto focus using a tripod and see if it misses consistently to the front or back of the focus point. Some cameras have adjustments to compensate.

As @Shirley_Freeman mentioned, the out of focus highlights are pretty overwhelming. I’d clone them and/or burn them down.

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Thank you for your insights

Nishand: Beautiful subject and a fine capture. Actually I think your focus point on the eye is pretty darn good and your DOF choice works for me. I did some quick adjustments to show you what is possible. In Photoshop I used content aware fill to get rid of the OOF BG flowers and cropped away the lower flower. I added some canvas to the top and used content aware to add some BG above the wings. Lastly a simple smart sharpen application gives more detail in the eye and head. One other thing I might add is to please resize your posts to 1500 pixels on the long side. Posting full size images taxes the server and makes them better targets for image thieves. Good work on this and keep them coming. >=))>

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Nishand, this is a striking look at this butterfly, where its colors coordinate beautifully with the background. I agree with Bill that the eye is nice and sharp, as it should be. Given your shooting parameters, dropping your shutter to say 1/200s and going to something like f/11 would let you get more of the bf sharp and possible it’s perch as well. Bill’s photoshop work really let the bf stand out.

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A wonderful pose, Nishand, and excellent focus. I do think you could get a more powerful composition by cropping just above the lower flower head and then cloning over whatever is left of the bright out-of-focus blobs to left and right.

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Thank you very much, I really have to work on post production. Hope to do so. Thanks for you advice and work

Thank you for your valuable insight.

Thank you Mr Dennis, for your advice and encouraging words