Indigo Bunting

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Does the color look OK. This web page tends to oversaturate colors so I’m worried about doing too little or too much.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Are the OOF Teasels in the BG OK?

Any pertinent technical details:

D500, 600mm f4 + 1.4xTc (1/1600sec at f7.1, Iso 800) Levels, Topaz Detail, DeNoise, Detauration of blues, Greens, & Yellows before jpeg formation, slight crop for comp. Thanks for looking…Jim

The colors and the OOF stuff are fine. My eye says (looking at the largest image) you are just a frog hair into over-detailing. My hindsight says a smaller focal opening might have gotten the tail in focus. Maybe not; that’s a pretty skinny DOF with a 600 + 1.4x TC.

Sweet shot Jim, I like the oof teasels. Saturation looks good to me.


I think the saturation level of your image looks just fine. I’m not seeing any changes in images I’ve posted on this site versus the prior NPN site in terms of saturation. I’m assuming you are converting the color space for your posts to sRGB. If so, you should not see any difference in color or luminance on this web page from what you see in PS.

OOF teasels are OK in the background, but I’d look at bringing down the luminance via a subtle vignette around the subject and the perch. I tried it and for me it improved the look. I agree with Phil’s comment regarding pushing the edge of over sharpening.

A nice pose with a wonderful perch.

Great pose and perch, Jim. I don’t see these out here, but the saturation looks fine to me. I agree with Phil on the sharpening. The darker portion of the oof teasel to the right of the bird tends to draw my eye. You might try lightly painting over it with the lighter tan area to see what you think.

Excellent job on the color, pose and perch (good DOF on the perch). A little oversharp on the plumage; images on the new site are considerably sharper or sharpening algorithms tend to display artifacts more easily. I am in the process of fine tuning my images. Although I like the DOF in general, the OOF teasel on the far right does grab my eye. I would either decrease the color contrast in that area or blend the brown out to make it less conspicuous.

Thank you all for the comments and critiques. I’m slowly fine-tuning my post processing to provide optimal image viewing. I’ll try a repost later to see if it passes the inspection. I agree with David in that it looks as though images are much sharper than on the old NPN site. Colors are also more vibrant and require desaturation before posting…Jim

Hi Jim
I like the framing and the coloring, detail and saturation look just fine.