this shot kinda reminds me of space travel. Not really sure how people feel about these types of images. Is it too simple? Just some fun experimenting with the light interacting with rushing water and sand at the beach.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome

Technical Details

ISO 64, f/32, 1/3 sec @145mm


Nicely done Glenn! I have several of these types of water ICM images in my portfolio. I always find it a fun challenging exercise creating an image out of moving water. Yes your image reminds me of zooming through space with the star trails providing an indication of warp speed. I like the black and white edit. Perhaps go a bit darker in the center to match the outer edges. This would help elevate the white streaks even further.

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I really like it, Glenn! And I definitely was fooled into thinking it was a star image from your title and the way it looks! Beautiful capture!

Thanks a lot Alfredo! I’ll give your suggestion a try :slight_smile:

Thank you Vanessa!

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Hi Glenn –

I do not think this is too simple at all. I like the flow, mixed tonality, and irregularity of the speckles. They all come together nicely here. In addition to standing well on its own, I think the photo would look great in a collection of similar photos or a black and white portfolio.

My only feedback is that you could consider cloning out some of the brightest highlights in the margin of the frame, just to help simplify and draw the viewer’s attention to the middle. I initially thought about suggesting a darkening of the middle section as mentioned by Alfredo but after considering this again, I think I like the mixed tonality. Otherwise, I think this looks great!

Thank you Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to critique all of the photos submitted