Into the fire

Over the holidays, I needed to move my computer system into our chilly basement to clear the guest bedroom for guests :open_mouth:. I regularly fired up the wood stove to keep the area warm and got into taking fire close-ups. It has been challenging getting the red/orange glow of the hot coals to look “right”. (7D2, 180 macro L, f/18, 1.3 s, iso 200, tripod, mirror lock-up, and 2 sec delay.)

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This certainly a nice way to still get to do macro photography in the winter months, Mark. Very creative. I think you managed it very well. I love the glow of the fire in the wood. I am finding thought, that flame in the top left seems to pull my eye away from the aglow I am enjoying in the wood. Maybe a tighter crop, from a bit off the bottom and left to remove that bright spot, would improve this even more. Just a thought. I love to watch the fire in our gas log fire place, and grew up with an old wood stove, so I have always enjoyed viewing the fire and enjoying it’s warmth. Nicely done.

Awesome Photo Mark, I agree with Shirley on the crop. Did you have a heat shield on. Looking at the photo makes me feel warmer. If I block out the top left corner, my eye starts at surface and is drawn toward the light in the middle which givens me a 3D effect.

Real nice close up of the fire. I concur about the crop suggestion. I find the bright area TLC pulls me up and out of the image. I really like the color and shapes.

Everything else has been said above but I have to join the chorus about the magnificent color that you have achieved here. Kudos, Mark!

Mark: Really “cool” idea and a fine result. I’m going to go along with the others commenting on the ULC but I don’t really qualify it as a negative distraction but rather somewhat puzzling about what it is. One thing that is a pleasant surprise is the lack of heat shimmer at this SS. A tip o’ the cap :billed_cap: to you sir. >=))>

@Bill_Fach, @Adhika_Lie, @Harley_Goldman, @Dean_Salman, @Shirley_Freeman Glad you like the idea. Including the flame in this post was deliberate. Partly due to the fact that in most views with both flame and hot coal views, the brightness of the flame totally overwhelms the glow of the coals. I have coal only views and I’ll post one of those in a day or two.

Bill, I’m going to guess that there’s no shimmer because the viewing area is maybe 6 inches across and the lens from was about 2.5 feet away. Shimmer is from small parcels of air with different amounts of heat, when you get small enough, the heating is uniform, which means no shimmer.


This is awesome! I love images of fire and coals. I often find myself shooting around the campfire. Of course at 2.5 ft around a campfire I might find my lens melting much like boots do when one doesn’t pay attention…

Great idea and execution. I like the flame although must admit I’m wishing for a bit more as it’s just a little cramped in the corner. But perhaps a bit difficult rearranging your subject… :wink:

Colors and processing look spot on.