The famous old shipwreck photographed a million times,

but I had never been there, stopped by, here is my take.
D610, 24-70, 70mm but cropped for comp, filters used, f22, 3 sec.

I don’t know that I have ever seen this before, but good take on it. It is very much personal preference, but I would desaturate blue and cyan quite a bit. For me, that makes it look more forlorn and makes the mood match the desolation of the stormy shipwreck scene. Real nice image, and like I said, my suggestion is totally personal preference.

What I was thinking:

Thanks Harley, your image is very much more true to the scene, I amped up the sky, I should have left it like you did…

I’m not familiar with this shipwreck either, maybe it’s only locally famous. There is a stark mood to the weather that works well with the shipwreck. I prefer the blue color in the original post, I think it creates nice contrast against the pure white of the surf. And the blues accentuates the stark mood of the image. My only suggested tweak would be some gentle burning along the bottom frame edge to help draw more attention to the center. But that is a nit Dan, overall this is very well done.

I have never seen this before so it is new to me also, Dan. That stormy sky and pounding surf fit the mood of the shipwreck beautifully IMO and I think that helps to put the viewer right there in the scene. I can almost feel the mist and approaching rain. I am very much enjoying this!