Islands in the stream

Another image from the foggy day yesterday

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Nice work. I like the cool tone, the mist, and the mystery…not sure about this, but I might try cropping a bit off the bottom to better ground the island…although that would eliminate some of the reflection…Great image.

Lovely subject with gorgeous subtle colors and tonalities.

I’d hate to crop any off the bottom but maybe a subtle gradient darkening? It feels a bit tight on the left – maybe add a bit of canvas there? And maybe tone down or clone the brighter BG branches in the UR?

Really wonderful mood here with the fog, Eduard. The cool tones add to the air of mystery in this scene. My only suggestion would echo @Diane_Miller about the branches. Great job on this lovely image.

I like this image very much. It’s downright depressing and that’s ok with me because it is a valid mood, particularly in the winter. It is a bit too centered but that’s a minor point. I do like all that space around it as it drives the point more strongly.

The fogginess is quite palpable. Love it. One suggestion is to remove or de-emphasize whatever is in the URC and to the right of the ULC–it looks like branches that are barely visible?

Here is a re-edit with some of the suggestions applied

This is a powerful image; sometimes these almost monochrome images work very well. I like it with the background branches removed, they were a bit distracting, but like the original crop. In fact, even more breathing room would work well to my eye.

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I really like this and your re-edit looks fantastic. A beautiful image for sure!

The repost works great. Excellent mood too. A really fine image.

An FYI, if you put your rework in your original at the top as a post edit and edit the title to indicate a repost was added. it makes it nice and easy to toggle between the two for a good comparison.

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I love the cool, somber mood of this scene. The re-work looks great, some nice subtle improvements

The echo of the repeated shape in the background adds a really nice touch to the image.

I agree with all the other comments, though I noticed rather quickly that it needed to be rotated significantly to the left to bring the waterline in the correct visual aspect. I didn’t touch the ghosted limbs in the BG as that had already been addressed.