It will be a beautiful day

This was a beautiful cool morning at the beginning of a very sunny day. Lucky to be there.

What technical feedback would you like if any? I like all feedback

What artistic feedback would you like if any? I like all feedback

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D810, F9, 1/200, iso299, 70-200 lens at 85mm,

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Lucky indeed, Ben ! A beautiful gradation of tones and hues surrounding that very characterful fg tree. Love the quiet mood of this - you almost sense the silence !

Really great mood and processing here Ben. I feel like the right side of the composition feels a bit disjointed from the rest but also cool how that branch falls into the water and fog.

Excellent mood captured here Ben. the elements in the fog are a nice backdrop to the tree. It looks like there are some interesting crops in there as well. (Maybe more are coming?)

Oh my goodness, this is excellent Ben. This is an award winning image. I would be very proud in your shoes. Just needs a small dustup: the branches creeping in from the urc edge. The sunlight stripe on the main trunk seems puzzling. I would remove it.

I like the crop as well but the original is best.

Really like this image. The fog really gives this some depth. There is one thing pulling my eye away from the center and the is the top right of the frame. Maybe try to blur that right top corner branch or clone it out in my opinion. Other than that its a fine image.

Wow Ben this image, this image has a very powerful mood. I love shooting in fog, so this image is right up my alley. The processing looks right on the money here, you kept the fog somewhat cool, but retained some warmth in the landscape.

In terms of composition, I like how you have the branch drooping into the water, that is a nice touch. I do wish you had left a little more space below the tree, it feels tight at the base of the tree (but then again I don’t know what is below there, there may be a reason for cropping this tight). I might also consider a crop from the left, the tree right up tight to the left edge is more of a distraction than a framing element in my view.

I also like @John_Williams crop, while it is very clean and simple (and addresses the bottom tightness), it is essentially a different image. But his view of this works very well too.

Beautiful Ben, with a great mysterious mood to the image. I like the composition, as I find it has a really nice tension to it. I might clone out some of the branches coming in from the right edge, but not a huge deal. Real nice work.

Some how I failed to leave a comment. Its very nice. Lovely mood, beautiful soft colours and delicacy I actually prefer the original with the green bank at the bottom and perhaps just a slight lightening of the central tree trunk as it is less ethereal than the rest of the scene so demands just a touch too much attention as it stands.


Absolutely fantastic. Again, beautifully captured mood and atmosphere. You couldn’t ask for better conditions and scene set up. The fog of course sets up the mood, but the quality of light throughout and including the highlights inthe grasses is just wonderful.

Hard to think of much to suggest, although I agree with Ian about bringing up the luminosity in the main forward tree. I’m also wondering if shaving a bit off the right would be an improvement or not.



I’m late to the party so I won’t comment just give you four vulcan salutes.

This is beautiful, Ben. Love the mood and muted color. I agree with Ed on his suggestion for more room at the bottom, but everything else looks great.

I love the planes and the different shades of gray in the fog, and the overall composition. A truly excellent image. For my taste, maybe a little more space on the lower portion below the trees could have improved the overall balance, but just a minor thing.

The light you captured in this photo is just magical! I can just stare at it for hours.

@Youssef_Ismail , I don’t know what to say, but I am so very happy with your comment!!

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Thank you all for all the comments and suggestions on my image !