Jupiter, maybe

Rock art from Zion. This is focus stacked from 15 images; gosh, I really need one of those cameras with automatic focus stacking capability. It’s pretty abstract, I am curious what comes to your mind when you see it.

Nikon D750, 150mm, f/16, 0.5sec, ISO 100

Revision with increased texture slider:



I think this is wonderful. I love the design of this line meandering across the entire canvas. This abstract has so many possibilities in terms of processing. And they are personal. I tried using a warm cast for the entire image and liked it but like I said it’s just taste at this point. I also liked bringing the clarity way up to bring out more definition to all those lines. The flow in all these lines is very soothing.

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I really enjoy the colors you worked into this abstract, very soothing. I do like the additional clarity option that @Igor_Doncov offered. Not better just different IMO.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was one of those terrariums that you can create with different color sands. I haven’t seen one in a while so I may be dating myself.

Adhika, this is truly a wonderful abstract. Your choice of composition and or overall positioning of the design is perfect. Any offers of optional post processing is positive thinking towards personal tastes. The upside is the image is so solid it is open for a variety of looks. … :+1: :+1:

A very beautiful image, Adhika!! As stated above, there are many ways to interpret this one. I brought in the black point a ways and quite like it. But your higher key image works very well. Great work with this one.

Wonderful!! The lines flow so dramatically. The focus stack was a good idea and looks perfect.

I favor the subtlety of the original colors, as it looks like the subject was in shade with indirect cloudy overhead light. Maybe a touch of contrast or clarity could be a good comparison.

Having just watched a documentary about the planet Jupiter, I see the resemblance . I like the soft pastels and the angles very much. Adding clarity or texture might benefit, but really it should be a light addition if you decide to try it. Actually, maybe just a little nudge of the dehaze slider. It’s darn fabulous.

I see a map of Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula, but then I like looking at maps :grin:

Beautiful abstract, expertly composed. Abstract images like this have a lot of room for interpretation. I really like the original color palette as presented, these pink and purple colors remind me of some of those I’ve seen in the Valley of Fire in Nevada. My preference would be to add some Lightroom Clarity and Texture, I think you can get away with it without losing the light feeling of the pastels.

The thumbnail, on first sight, conjured up a river in an area which had been overlogged.Beautiful shot.

What a lovely abstract image. These are my favorite colors. I love the beautiful lines and the composition. Great image. I have no problem with the softness of it.

@Igor_Doncov, @Alan_Kreyger, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Harley_Goldman, @Diane_Miller, @Kris_Smith, @Ed_McGuirk, @Mike_Friel, @Chris_Baird thanks everyone for the responses to this image. Good to hear how it resonates with you.

I really like what LR texture slider does to the image. I post a revision above in the OP. Very subtle.

Igor, this looks more like Jupiter than the original Zion’s sandstone. I could play with this alternate, too.

I actually had to google this because I have never seen it myself. My dad has a sand art piece at home that looks similar minus the plants in a terrarium. I see the resemblance with this for sure.

Cool, Ed! I didn’t know you like looking at maps. I have a friend who went through flight navigator school and I really enjoy listening to him talking about maps.

Very interesting, Mike. It reminded me of a river, too, but the overlogged part didn’t occur to me.

Lovely. The composition and subtle pastels are, indeed, very calming. This is an image I would put in my meditation space. What comes to mind for me is a sense of flow. Although I knew it was sand or rock, it has the feel of a river shaping itself as it flows. As to adding texture - I wouldn’t know the difference unless you put them side by side. Either way, they both work just fine for me.

This is outstanding, Adhika! The pink and purple pastels and flowing lines are simply gorgeous. No suggestions from me.

I like your cool, high key, pastel interpretation. To me this looks like an aerial view of an anticline.

High-key color is not easy to pull off, but with this subject, it works pretty well. The abstract nature of the subject helps as do the cooler hues. The composition has some nice diagonals and certainly an interesting flow