Kent Corners

Image Description

I love walking this road any time of the year. The barn is no longer used but the brick building houses a fantastic art show every fall. It is a busy day when even a dozen cars come by.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

any and all

Technical Details

Sony6000, 1/100, f/4.5, 55mm, ISO 125 with adjustments to tone curves in LR

I love the winter scene. At first I wanted closer to the buildings, but on second thought, I like the way the trees frame the road and buildings. The snow is white and not gray, yet there is still detail, so the exposure looks great. For a scene such as this, I might add a slight highlight vignette to give it even more of a winter feel. Nice image!

Thanks, @Lisa_Flanagan , yes, I felt like this image was in large part about arriving so showing the way was important. It is a lovely spot no matter what season.

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Hi John,

This is great!

I love scenes like this, I often enjoy mixing nature with manmade objects, especially old buildings and old bridges.

The juxtaposition of the old wooden building and the new brick building works really well.
I like the inclusion of the curve in the road at the LLC because it helps to frame the buildings.
The tree limbs leaning in towards the middle adds to the framing as well.
I think the vertical orientation as presented is great and the exposure is spot on because I can see the details in the snow and the road.

A real pleasure to view! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Merv , glad you enjoyed it. I had to laugh (out loud) about the “new” brick building as it was constructed in the 1830s ( and is part of a beautiful, historic hamlet including the oldest worked water-powered sawmill in the country. Come on up sometime and see it!

Haha :laughing:

Well… it looks new, especially when compared to the wooden building :smiley:

They certainly did a great job on the construction!
That makes me wonder what era the wooden building was erected in.
I’ve worked on a few buildings from the mid to late 18th century in a local historic community called Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC, those buildings are still standing strong but they did have a fair amount of heavy maintenance and even partial reconstruction at various points in time.

Actually, we are planning on heading up that way in the coming months, nothing concrete yet as to when but that’s next on our bucket list :smiley:

Glad you had a good laugh!! :smiley: :smiley:
We can all do with a good laugh now and then, its good for the soul.

Keep me posted and feel free to be in touch (jrsnelljr"at"

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Thanks, John, Will do.
I’ll save your contact info for when we head that way :slight_smile:

Thanks again!