Kissing Cousins

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 300mm, 12mm XT
ISO 200, 1/5 @ f16

Most years the first flowers to bloom are either our paperwhites or snowdrops. They are coming in but these Gerber Daisies beat them to the punch this year. I’ve been watching these guys for the past few days waiting for them to get big enough to overlap. All comments welcome.>=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

No fair having fresh flowers in January, Bill. A very nice composition. I really like the way they overlap. The one thing that bothers me about the image is the bit of stem below the left flower. It almost looks smudged and it’s a bit brighter than the rest of the stem. I don’t know what caused it, but it draws my eye like crazy. In this case, I’d be tempted to eliminate that whole stem-I don’t think anyone would miss it.

Excellent detail and I love the colors.

Dennis: Thanks for the input. On the original capture there was a small spotlight on that part of the stem so I painted in some color over it. I need to do a bit more careful cloning or do as you suggest and just make the stem go away altogether. Thanks again.

With Dennis’ suggestion taken, I would vote for this over the single Daisy in the subsequent image.

I prefer this composition to the single closeup of the previous post. The inter-play of the petals and angle of the left blossom make this a story telling image as well as portraits of each flower. Good sharpness throughout where necessary. Well done.