La Gaviota

I posted this once on NPN 1.0. It’s the only silhouette image I’ve kept. While waiting for the sun to rise I decided to shoot a picture of the rock and the seagull flew over to see what all the commotion was about. Seagulls here are opportunists who seem to appear at any disturbance. You never know when it leads to food - is the mentality. And around humans it’s a wise strategy.


Igor: This is marvelous. The sky tones are wonderful and the gull is icing on a very fine cake. Most excellent. >=))>

This one is quite enjoyable, Igor and the gull really makes it work. Funny, my mind says the horizon is tilted but it is dead level upon a closer look. I think my mind is a bit tilted. No suggestions here, this is a good one.

Igor, the seagull certainly adds something special to the silhouette. The sky colors and their nice reflection in the waves look great. Easy to see why you kept this shot.

Just beautifully composed and executed, Igor. So much gorgeous light it’s one of those shots where the almost complete darkening of the fg seems absolutely right.

A nicely composed silouette image, Igor! The seagull is a nice bonus that adds extra interest. After seeing Bill’s RockNess Monster I’m seeing shapes in the silouettes and this looks like a seagull standing on the nose of a very large, bathing, lion!

An excellent silhouette, Igor, and the gull adds a lot to the image.

Wonderful! Fascinating textures, shapes, and color. Well done!