Lacy Sand

This photo was taken a little before sunset. A small creek had carved out very interesting and dimensional patterns in the sand, and the contrast of shadows and light of the golden hour enhanced them. I would appreciate any artistic or technical critique.


Beautiful abstract! Love the shapes, textures, lines and colors. No suggestions here, just very much enjoying the image.

The interplay of lines, light, colour, and textures in this image is really dynamic. It’s quite beautiful and I have nothing useful to add. Great image.

Fascinating pattern! I really enjoy how the pillars point to the lacy pattern below. One question I have is whether the color faded in to grey towards the base of the sand as shown? The sand looks quite desaturated as it approaches the lacy pattern. Beautiful abstract here - a very successful image to my eye!

Gorgeous Chris. Love the colors, textures and the rhythm. Very nicely done.

Chris: This is intriguing and beautiful. I like that there is no obvious scale and the color palette and comp are perfect IMO. Marvelous abstract. >=))>

Thank you, Bill. I appreciate your feedback.

I appreciate your comments, Linda.

Thanks, Michael. I value your feedback.

I’m glad you enjoy it, Harley. Thanks.

Yes, the color was grey in the shadowed area. I think what caught my eye, in addition to the textures, was the juxtaposition of the sand with the golden light reflected on it against the more dull grey sand. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Chris, this is terrific. The shapes and textures look great, but the transition from strongly patterned warm to quietly patterned gray that lets this stand out. Well seen.

NO cc from me either. I love that you noticed this and captured it! I enjoy the beautiful transition of the sand colors and the the contrast and composition makes that sing! Well done.

Thank you for your insightful comments, Mark.

Brie – Thank you very much for your kind comments.