Last Full Moon 2014

This was a 3 image horizontal stitched in PS back in 2014. It might have been my first attempt at doing this process, if not, it for sure was early on for that technique for me. The long size on the scene is 12,600 pixels wide. This was the last full moon for the year 2014, so a bit of older image here.

Full Disclosure: Although the entire image was processed as normal for me, as I recall I did have to do major repair to the moon. It was tweaked beyond a normal look. After getting it oval I probably did a multiply layer once or twice to get detail out of it. I’m sure in the oval sizing this is at least a third larger then the lens probably presented. Anyway, if this makes the image ineligible for the WC please move to Landscape Showcase gallery.

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 37mm - Velvia 50

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A beautiful scene, Paul. I love the lighting on the rocks and grass clumps in the foreground as well. The pano really works well to allow us to see the rock formation.

Looks real nice, Paul. I might pull the magenta out of the sky, but that is a personal preference.

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Spooky. I am struck by the completely different type of rock formations at each end of the image all of the same rock. Deserts live for contradiction.

This is really beautiful, Paul. As is your usual, I love that you have included plenty of foreground to explore. Great light. Well done.

@Paul_Breitkreuz Nicely done. Repairing a moon in a pano is perfectly fine in the days of digital photography as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

@Shirley_Freeman @Harley_Goldman @stevenm @Bill_Chambers @Gary_Randall:+1::+1:
Sorry for the unavoidable delay in commenting back to you all. Thank you each for your comments on this image and the scene overall. Looking back on the TPE program this looks like it was photographed on December 6th 2014.

@Harley_Goldman, Yes, I agree about the darker sky and magenta there. The usual V-50 item that I left as is. Pulled a ton out of the landmass and the rocks however…:clown_face:
@Bill_Chambers, Your comment about my desert FG’s brought back recall to some previous comments you’ve made on those small bits of detail in some of my previous images, thank you…:sunglasses:

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Paul, this looks great, with the fine light on the rocks and a good looking full moon. I also like the bit of “smoke” coming out of the rock pile on the left. Since it’s hard to judge the size of the moon in most images, what you show here fits well, big enough to see well but not so big as to seem like an addition.

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Hey Mark, thank you for the kind comment. The look of “smoke” there is actually a cloud. I actually thought about cloning it out, but left in. Any thoughts of it distracting may lead me to cloning it out. I wish there had been more clouds in the area to offset any thoughts along your same point here…:thinking:

Though I suspect this is in the deep Californian south, it is quite reminiscent of central Utah. Wonderful color and light.