Lava rocks



Iceland has a landscape that is so dramatic and forever changing. During a trip last year we came upon this vast field of lava rocks that stretch for several kilometers.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Anything you would like to share.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

ISO 64 102mm f/16 1/6 s


Hi Gary - I really like this. The scale is a little hard to determine and the rolling shapes work well with the dappled sun. I just want to reach in and touch that lovely moss. Who doesn’t do that while hiking in the woods? One of the joys of nature. And the contrast with the color of the lava is nice, too. Moss is such an ancient plant - it doesn’t have roots or make flowers, but it survives in the harshest of conditions, allowing other life to follow. What a graceful photo, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. Yeah, the scale is hard to determine. This lava rock field is impressive. It’s called Eldhraun.

Lovely image. The tones and textures are great.

When I opened the image the very first thing I saw was a face. So spooky!!

Here’s the face I saw and I brightened it just a touch.

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Hi Keith!
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I actually didn’t see the Troll until I downloaded the image to my computer. It feels right in place.

Su ch a wonderful composition. I came across this lava field and the immensity was jaw dropping. I struggled to capture such an intimate view as yours and eventually photographed a more global view. After seeing your image, I want to go back. Nicely done.

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Hi Gary,

This is awesome!

The highlights and shadows follow the highs and lows in the lava rock nicely.
This has a lot of depth and I really like the mystic, almost alien feel to it.

When I first saw this I thought of @Kris_Smith, who has a passion for all things moss :slight_smile:

The Troll adds a mythical touch and the thick head veil bonds it to the landscape.

Wonderful image! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mervin!
Yes, it was really fun trying to capture and reproduce the light as I saw it. And sometimes we’re lucky when things that were at first not obvious suddenly appear😊

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Hi Paul!
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I will admit, it was a challenge to find a composition I was satisfied with. So much lava field!

What a niceimage, Gary. Like everything with it, the light colors, textures and patterns are just great, and so is the composition. And then the face as the icing on the cake! Normally, maybe I would have suggested to add a tad of vignette and have the interior brighter than the border, but as it is now the brightest spot lead the viewer to the face.

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Wow. Between the color contrast of the moss and bare rocks and the rolling patterns created by rocks as you composed them this is very compelling. The “face” is a great detail as well.

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Gary, Beautiful shot. To me this is all about the light. On my one visit to Iceland, most of the days were overcast and flat. Either through interesting natural light or D+B you have created a stunning effect, emphasizing both the volcanic rock and the moss.

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Hi Ola!
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, sometimes I work with vignetting. I felt that the whole image here, with it light and contrast worked well. Glad you liked it.

Thanks Dean! The vastness of the lava field was challenging, but also offered opportunity for different types of shots. The Troll showing up surprised me actually.

Thanks for the feedback, Richard. Yes, the overcast was actually flat. However, there was a little light which I worked on emphasizing in the post-processing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Well trolled Gary. Nice comp and processing. I like the minimalist feel with the colours and the shapes, and then a touch of red just above the troll.

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Thanks, Andre! Appreciate the feedback. I also like your eye for detail😊

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